men with curly hair

Pros and Cons For Men With Curly Hair

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Are you a guy with curly hair? Same…and like most men with curly hair, I used to absolutely hate it until I learnt more about my hair type and what works best for it through plenty of experimentation on my YouTube channel. If you are brand new here, my name is Thomas and I create kick-ass hair and style videos …

10 Mens Undercut Hairstyles

10 Mens Undercut Hairstyles

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The Man Braid or Man Bun Braid, what ever you want to call it is one of the best hair styles that I have worn and I could not leave it off this list. It is so different and not many boys wear it at all. Again that is totally the shit that I go for, so the man braid …

5 Man Bun Styles

5 Cool Man Bun Styles

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Firstly, before I kick this post off I just need to know your opinion on this double braided man bun style. Please let me know after you finish reading this post because I’ve been considering a tutorial on it haha. Okay dokey so let’s get on with this article, you’re here for 5 incredibly cool Man Bun Styles right? Well …