How to prepare for anal sex

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

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Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

Preparing for anal sex can be a lot of hard work…

You either have or haven’t had anal sex before and either way, you could probably learn a thing or 5 from this checklist….

Being a gay guy at the ripe old age of 23, I’ve been having sex for quite a number of years now and most of what you are about to read in this checklist is stuff I had to learn on my own…

So I thought why not compile a list of the 5 most important things I believe you need to do prior to doing anal and present it as a checklist…

Well that’s what I’ve done, keep reading to find out my ways!

#1 Have You Got Lube?

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

This HAS TO BE number 1.

If you’ve never had anal sex then let me tell you right now, YOU WILL NEED LUBE.

Your bum hole is a tiny weeny little hole and when you put something in there that 5 times it’s wideness than you are gunna feel a bit of discomfort first…

For anybody who familiar with anal, yeah great you already knew this one but what kind do you use?

My favourite type of lube are water based ones. The one I have in my draw at the moment is from a brand called “Wet Stuff” lol… (see in the picture above)

The reason I like water based ones so much better is because they are less gooey and more slides and I feel like they last longer.

You can also get flavoured ones which is also pretty cool huh!

#2 Have You Douched?

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

Relying on regular bowel movements will only get you so far…

The first time you accidently shit on someones dick or have your dick shit on you will know why douching is a key step for both you and the other guy to enjoy this one way ticket experience.

So if it’s your turn to take it, make sure you have douched thoroughly.

NOTE : Just between you and me, when I’m the taker I like to be doubly cautious about this so what I like to do firstly is use these laxative douches thingos called Microlax before using my real douche…

You can get them from chemists/drug stores or if you are too embarrassed to get them in store (which is totally normal) I found a really similar product on amazon and put it below for you.

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

This product tells your entire colon to evacuate itself, so you end up do a big massive shit and then use your regular douche to clean out any remains and it works like a charm. You are shit free for hours…

#3 Have You Cut and Cleaned Your Finger Nails?

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

If this one isn’t obvious to you, it should be…

Popping in a finger or 2 can add pleasure to sexy time and it’s important that anything entering yours or your partner’s body is clean and as far away from sharp as possible…

I’m hoping somebody else out there can relate to this but a long finger nail to the anus is not a comfortable feeling, and the idea of it being a dirty fingernail is just yuck…

So make sure our finger nails are blunt and clean for the most pleasurable experience.

#4 Have You Cleaned Under Your Foreskin?

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

For guys who don’t have a foreskin, you still need to clean your dick but for those guys who do, you know very well that poor hygiene down there can cause some pretty rank smells and well… let’s just say “build up”

Even if you are the bottom in the scenario you should always have a clean foreskin, it’s just edicate…

I don’t think anyone wants a smelly, cheese dick going near their hole or their mouth… even with protection!

So just as courtesy to the other person, give the underneath of your foreskin a nice big clean first…

NOTE : This may sound strange but I use this awesome product called “Femfresh” to clean my genitals….

I know it’s meant for vaginal hygiene, PH balance and odour control but it works so good on my male bits too!

If you haven’t already got an awesome dick cleaning product… give it a go!

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

#5 Have You Got Condoms?

Preparing For Anal Sex | The Checklist

Ok look, I know number 5 could’ve been a little more exciting but seriously it’s really important to protect yourself from the ugly scary infectious diseases that are out there. Finding out you caught an STD is the grossest you could hear…

it makes you feel all dirty and disgusting lol so if the person you are doing it up the bum with isn’t a trusted life long partner then I’d be wrapping that shit in a condom if I were you.

It’s pretty obvious but I had to include it in this article lol…

NOTE : I find ultra thin condoms feel so much better! It’s as close to the real thing as you can get!

And that’s my list…

Sooooo that’s pretty much my checklist for prior to doing anal….

After I can tick all of those off I’m ready for action ahah

I hope you found this article somewhat helpful and entertaining. Talking about these jaw clenched subjects out loud in real life is hard right?

I get it, which is exactly why i wanted to make this post…

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next post…


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