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Ok, so you’ve probably stumbled across this page because you are looking for a way to grow your hair faster and in my experience, I just want to tell you, you’ve come to the right place because in this post I’m going to do a Watermans Grow Me Shampoo review and fill you in on the results I’ve had using the entire Watermans range on my hair growth journey.

Just before I get into the product break down and my hair growth results, if you are currently searching for the best hair growth products on the market and want to refer back to this post once you’ve made up your mind. Save the Pinterest graphic I made below to one of your boards using the Pinterest button on the left. You’ll thank me later. 🙂

If you are looking to stimulate hair growth quickly, you’ll find this blog post VERY useful. After endlessly searching the internet for a rapid hair growth solution to get me out of the awkward phase I finally found this shampoo! I documented the whole hair growth process on my channel and have written a great blog article covering my hair growth before and after experience using Watermans. Enjoy! #hairgrowth #hairgrowthtips #hairgrowthproducts

If you are already a subscriber on my YouTube channel, Hello! And thank you so much for taking the time to come and read my Watermans Grow Me Shampoo review and if you are brand new and never heard of me, my name is Thomas, and I run a hair and style related YouTube channel called Thomas In Action.

Just to catch you up to speed, myself and a big chunk of my YouTube audience have been on a long and winding hair growth journey to achieve our hair goals and have been checking in every month on my channel to share our results and give each other advice on coping with the whole growing out process, and boy has it been a wild ride so far.

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At the time of writing this post I was on my 8th month of growing out my undercut to a full man bun. In my previous month, I tested the Watermans hair growth shampoo along with the Watermans Grow Me Conditioner, Grow More Serum and Gro Pro Vitamins and got some fantastic results.

NOTE: On top of this full written Watermans review, I also did an in-depth video review about the Watermans hair growth range on my YouTube Channel. Here is the video:

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Review – Before Testing

To keep this Watermans Grow Me Shampoo review as precise and to the point as possible, I thought quickly covering my normal hair growth cycle that I’ve been recording for the last 7 months would be a good place to start as it really shows the difference between letting my hair grow naturally vs growing my hair with supplements.

For my first 3 hair growth check-ins on my channel my hair grew 1 inch per month for the first three months which is actually quite good compared to the average. On average, a person will grow half an inch of hair per month, so I guess in the hair growth department I got quite lucky.

If you haven’t already been following my hair growth check-ins, here’s a playlist of my first 3 videos of documenting the process.

Hair Growth Check-ins – Months 1,2 & 3

So the results after 3 months of growing my hair out naturally were pretty dope. However, the following 3 months of hair growth weren’t so fabulous as I only grew half for each of the following months…

Because my hair growth had slowed down so much in the following 3 months, I began to look for hair growth supplements that could potentially boost my hair growth back up to 1 inch of hair growth every month and I came across a brand called Sugar Bear Hair.

I had heard of them before and seen tons of influencers promoting them so I thought I’d give it a go and buy 1 month’s worth to use during month #5, and to be completely honest, they did shit all. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone wanting to grow their hair faster.

After checking in with disappointment about the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins on month number 6, I had also found in my research Watermans Grow Me Shampoo and reached out to one of their reps in Australia to see if I could try their products for month number 7 and thankfully, they were excited to let me try them and sent me the whole range to test. The complete Watermans Hair Care range consists of the Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner, The Grow More Serum and the Gro Pro Hair Vitamins.

Again, to catch you up to speed if you haven’t been following my channel, below is a playlist containing my video check-ins for months 4,5 & 6.

Hair Growth Check-ins – Months 4, 5 & 6

I was pretty stoked to receive the entire set and was really curious to see if they would work. I had fairly damp spirits as I had just tried the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins and got no where so I was kind of on the fence about it in terms of thinking it would work.

After using the Watermans Grow Me product range for 30 days, I could visually see that my hair had grown quite a bit but I hadn’t actually plucked a hair to do an official measurement yet to see how much exactly it had grown. I also knew I’d be revealing the result to my audience and I wanted to give them a real time piece of footage of me pulling a hair out and measuring it on camera with no jump cuts.

The results blew my fucking mind…

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Review – After Testing

Hair Growth Check-in – Month #7

Now you may or not have seen the video above but if you are serious about growing your hair faster I would strongly recommend checking it out haha.

In Hair Growth Check-in number 6 my hair measured in at 4.6 inches for the past 6 months. Just to recap, the first 3 months I got 3 inches and the second three months I got half an inch, so 4.6 was roughly a good representation of that. In month number 7 my hair measured in at 6.5 inches indicating that my hair had grown 1.9 inches in month 7 after you the Watermans Grow Me product range.

Initially I thought it was some fucked up placebo effect but seeing as I had been diligently measuring my hair over the past 7 months, the results just couldn’t lie. If we look back at my past hair growth results, we can see that naturally my hair is capable of growing 1 inch over 30 days naturally and after using these products I was able to grow .9 of an inch more than my hair’s naturally capabilities which is fucking insane.

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Review – Using The Products

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Review - The Grow More Range

This Watermans Grow Me Shampoo review wouldn’t be right if I didn’t cover how I actually used the all of these products over the 30 days and just as a little heads up, it’s quite a hefty process (in my judgement) as it required me to adjust my hair care regime some what  and at times, I would forget some of the steps.

*NOTE* Even though the process is quite big, I would still recommend trying these products if you are serious about growing your hair faster.

Using Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Review - Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner

The Waterman’s Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner are fairly straightforward to use as shampooing and conditioning on a weekly basis is in most people’s hair care regimes. When using these products you can expect to have an extended shower around 7 minutes in total.

When using the Grow Me Shampoo, I placed a generous portion on my palms and add it to my hair and massaged into my scalp for around 4 minutes. Massaging in general is great for increasing blood circulation to the scalp and it’s recommended that you assage for 4 minutes 3-4 times a week. For me, that’s a lot of hair washing as I’m used to only washing my hair once a week. But for the results I got I felt like it was extremely worth it.

*NOTE* I was also impressed by the quality of this shampoo because:

a) It wasn’t extremely foamy like normal super market shampoos and I’ve heard that the less foamy a shampoo is, the better quality it is.

b) The Watermans Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner are both sulphate and paraben free which is great! It means that they don’t strip your hair of all it’s natural oils!

After thoroughly rinsing the shampoo out of my hair I added in a generous portion of the Grow Me Conditioner in and massaged it on my scalp for an extra 2 minutes before thoroughly rinsing. In total, product use time of the Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner is about 6 minutes. I recommend a 7 minute shower as the extra minute gives you time to wash your tits, pits and ass lol.

For info on how the Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Works, Click Here as I have all of that stuff documented. (it’s very scientific)

*NOTE* The Watermans Grow Me Conditioner can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment if you are into deep conditioning. If you do use it for deep conditioning, make sure your hair is damp before massaging into the scalp and leave it for about 10 – 20 minutes for the best results 😉

Using Watermans Grow More Elixir

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Review - Grow More Elixir

The Watermans Grow More Serum isn’t mandatory but can certainly help the your hair growth process. It’s designed to use in between washes, so other than the 3 days I washed my hair I used the serum daily by applying it to the spots I’ growing my hair and massaged it for 2 minutes You are probably getting the idea that massaging is a massive part of this process but honestly, it helped me a lot. It also made my scalp feel nice and fresh.

If I’m 100% honest, I did occasionally forget to use this serum as it’s not something I normally include in my hair care regime but I found it really useful and am now in the habit of doing it daily.

Using Watermans Gro Pro Vitamins

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo Review - Grow Pro Hair Vitamins

So that concludes my Watermans Grow Me Shampoo review! I know I originally started with post as Watermans Grow Me Shampoo review , but I used their whole range so i thought it might be good to add the experience in as a whole.

I’ve left all the links to these products in this post so if you are serious about growing your hair faster I would highly recommend giving the entire Watermans Grow Me range a go as it’s really really helped me on my hair growth journey!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you over on My YouTube Channel every Monday (Australian time that is) from now on!

Have a great week and I’ll see you then.

Thomas In Action

The Watermans Grow Pro Vitamins come in a container that contains 60 capsules. For some reason I never forgot to take these daily. Over the 30 day period that I tried the Watermans Grow Me range I took 2 tablets a day and completely polished the whole container haha.

These tablets don’t actually claim to grow hair faster, but claim to grow fuller and rich hair. Notable difference I saw with these was the new hair that began growing through was a lot softer and shinier than usual.

Again, like the serum, this product isn’t mandatory for your hair growth journey but can certainly help your locks look more luscious.

Before I get started, I just wanted to suggest that if you are currently just researching hair growth products on the market and want to keep this article handy for later, make sure you save the Pinterest graphic below to one of your boards so you can easily access it whenever you like.

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  1. I’m currently trying the Waterman’s elixir but find it makes my hair rock hard and struggle to the a brush through it -i have shortish hair and have drag brush ) comb through to style it ?

    1. Post

      Hey Linda,
      Are you apply it only to the scalp? The serum is not designed to give full coverage of the hair. I would suggest maybe using less and being mind full of how much hair you are covering with it.

  2. Hello! How necessary are the vitamins and the serum? I’m already taking a multivitamin which provides 75% of my daily biotin needs. Don’t really want to spend that much money if it’s not worth it on the serum or vitamins. Thinking about buying only the shampoo and conditioner. Would you reckon the serum and vitamins would make that big of a difference? I’m massaging my scalp every other night with argan and coconut oil ( yes, it’s that dry, now it’s getting better tho)

    1. Post

      Heya! Watermans do say that it’s not compulsory to use the vitamins and serum for a good effect. When I trialled the products I used them all together and got great results. I believe the Shampoo is the magic worker. So in relation to your question, no it’s not completely necessary.

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  4. I have traction alopecia after finally plucking up the courage to ditch my extensions, as well as thinning hair from the dreaded Menapause.

    I tried Planteur 39 religiously for 6 months with no effect, so would this help do you think?

    How is it different to the Planteur, do you know? Thanks !

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  5. Does this help thicken hair and make tthem strong? I am one of your subscribers Thomas.. help me out please

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