BluMaan Clay Products

Looking at getting your hands on a BluMaan clay but don’t know which one is right for you? Too easy, below you’ll find a full product overview of each BluMaan clay, what it does and which one is going to work best for you and your hair type.

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Types of BluMaan Clays That Are Available

You may already know who BluMaan is and also may not. If you are not familiar with the brand, BluMaan was created by a well known hair YouTuber by the name of Joseph Andrews. Joe and his brand have come along way from creating awesome informative hair videos on YouTube to create unique hair products for his sharp hair loving community.

The first BluMaan clay that Joe and his team created was Cavalier Clay, which was made in collaboration with Cameron Cretney (also another well known hair YouTuber). Cavalier Clay was designed to give great texture and sick hold for those with hair on the thicker side.

The second BluMaan clay produced by Joe and his team was Hybrid Cream Clay. Hybrid is the most unique clay BluMaan has to offer. It was designed for people with finer hair but can always be used by people with thick hair depending on the look and style they are going for.

The reason Hybrid Cream Clay is so unique is because it:

  1. Was made in collaboration with Eric Dale, Owner of Arcadian Grooming and creator of the famous Pomade Clay.
  2. Contains ingredients that are healthy for your hair
  3. Has a delayed hold activation feature that allows the user to easily style and shape their hair before the product takes full effect.

There’s far more than meets the eye when it comes to BluMaan clays. If you are looking for a breakdown of each BluMaan clay and want to know more about how they work, head back up to the review section above. Enjoy!

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BluMaan Clay - Cavalier Clay by BluMaanBluMaan Clay - Hybrid Cream Clay

BluMaan Clay Product: Cavalier Clay

BluMaan Clay - Cavalier Clay by BluMaanBluMaan Clay - Cavalier Clay by BluMaan

If you are tired of not being able to achieve the hairstyle you want because your hair is too thick and unruly, then you might want to listen up… or read up, I mean this is a web page after all.

So BluMaan Cavalier Clay? Why is it so special and what is so wrong with other hair clays on the market that you would choose it over another? The truth is some brands that make hair clays like to claim their product is made from all natural and organic ingredients when in reality it’s turns out to only be a quarter true once you read what’s in the ingredients…

What’s really annoying is when a brand will call their “hair clay” a clay, yet it fails to give long lasting hold to thick wild hair. It’s rather contradictory if you ask me, in my opinion the main benefit of a kick ass hair clay is the long lasting hold it gives your hair. The point is that there are tons of brands out there that make their hair clay over priced, under delivered and overall create disappointment for the user…

Until Cavalier Clay. This BluMaan clay is packed with tons of supplements to help your hair be the healthiest it can be. The main ingredients that are responsible for this include amino acids, avocado oil, castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil,  jojoba oil and argan oil. Cavalier Clay is specifically designed for the most unruly hair types including curly thick, straight thick and even frizzy hair.

Cavalier is the strongest BluMaan clay available created with a awesome matte finish and a heavy hold to keep your hair styled all day long without needing to use too much product. Cavalier Clay by BluMaan is available on the BluMaan website for $19.50 and will last you a great amount of time. There’s tons of reviews about this BluMaan clay on their website if you need more proof that it will knock your sox off.

BluMaan Clay Product: Hybrid Cream Clay

BluMaan Clay - Hybrid Cream ClayBluMaan Clay - Hybrid Cream Clay

The other BluMaan clay that is available is Hybrid Cream Clay. Out of the 4 products BluMaan has created, 2 of them are hair clays. Joe even says himself that hair clay is his favourite type of product, so I guess that’s why half of his product range are hair clays…

One of the main reasons why hair clays are so popular with men who take pride in their hair is because of the texture they can achieve with it. The only thing is most hair clays are quite heavy on the hair, like Cavalier Clay for example. Heavy hair clays are usually AWESOME for thicker denser hair types however, that characteristic can become a problem for people with finer hair. They may still want to get that textured look but they find the density of the hair clay just weighs their hair down.

So the BluMaan team being the creative bunch they are, decided to create a hair clay that would allow those with finer hair to experience the glorious text, hold and matte finish.

Out of that, Hybrid was born. This BluMaan Clay was never going to be easy to crete. There’s a lot of different factors that need to be taken into account before this hair clay could be brought to life. If you think about it, they had to consider ways in which they were make something that has decent hold, give great texture but also be creamy and easy to apply to thinner hair. Sounds tough right… The BluMaan team went to quite a few manufactures to get samples but they found that they ended up being more like hair creams instead. The long and the short of it is, a hair cream wasn’t what they were picturing for the next BluMaan clay as cream was only half of the goal. They needed to find the hair clay element.

The creation process of Hybrid wasn’t off to a great start until the BluMaan team caught wind of a crazy buzz in their community about Eric Dale from Arcadian Grooming. It was said that he producing an original product called clay pomade. Joe said in one of his videos he found this extremely interesting and wanted to try the product for himself, so he tried it, liked it and had an awesome idea.

It became apparent to the BluMaan team that Eric Dale had the vision of what they were trying to make before they even found out about him. So they decided to team up with him to create the next kick-ass BluMaan Clay. Joe and the Blumaan team decided working with Eric would be an awesome idea not only because he knows how to make an awesome hair clay but he does home brewing as well.

Not only did Eric agree to help BluMaan bring the formula of their Hybrid Cream Clay into existence, but he also agreed to HAND MAKE the first few batches that BluMaan ever produced. HAND MADE! That’s a unique and very uncommon characteristic for modern day hair products.

Month after month Eric sent the BluMaan team different samples and variations of what they were picturing. Finally the ast sample they tried, which Joe referred to as “Sample C” was the one. He said that Ben (Co owner of BluMaan) and himself each tried the BluMaan clay sample and were like “This is it”.

After the entire team was in agreement and liked the formula, “Sample C” then became BluMaan Hybrid Cream Clay. This BluMaan clay is certainly the most intricate and unique out of the 2 that they have brought out and has been a real hit in the BluMaan Community.

For more information on these BluMaan clays, head to the top of this page for in-depth reviews.