BluMaan Hair Product Reviews

On each product page below I’ve included what each BluMaan hair product does, who should use it, what’s in it and added an in-depth review of my experience with each of them.

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More about the BluMaan Hair Product Range and BluMaan Himself.

Originally “BluMaan” was a childhood nickname for Joe that has now turned into something far larger than himself. The BuMaan brand has essentially become a movement of people that love to stand out by being their individual selves and living their lives the way they want to.

Joe brings his vision to life by creating kick-ass videos on YouTube, creating unique hair products for his audience and designing a life for himself in whatever form that takes.

BluMaan serves its mission by creating things that are unique, different and constantly evolving.

The BluMaan product range is designed for all people addicted who are addicted to having good hair..

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BluMaan Hair Product List

BluMaan Hair Product - Hybrid Cream Clay

Why BluMaan Hair Products Kick-ass

Before creating a BluMaan hair product, the BluMaan team turn to their dedicated community of hair lovers to find out what’s missing in the market. They listen to the concerns, advice and ideas people have to offer and use their BluMaan magic to turn it into something real for the community to use.

BluMaan believes that in order for them to innovate and create the next best BluMaan hair product, they need to get the best of the best involved. Their team searches world wide for  brewers, formulators and chemists who have a great reputation amongst hair experts to help them create their products.

Once their team find the right brewer for the right BluMaan hair product, they share their vision for the project and get to work.

Blumaan state that they usually get into at least 50 revisions of a product before they are onto something. Once a particular formula passes the approval stage, BluMaan distribute the product to some of the pickiest hair fanatics they can find around the world. When/if the BluMaan hair product receives a unanimous thumbs up they go forward with production and if not, they go back to square one and try again.

Why BluMaan Make Hair Products

The BluMaan brand was created by Ben Weir and Joseph Andrews on the idea of them making things for people like themselves, with people like themselves. To create BluMaan hair products, they strive to work really close with their hairdo addicted community to come up with ideas for create interesting, unique and effective hair products.

After BluMaan took off, both Ben and Andrew dropped out of University to commit themselves into helping other have the sharpest  and most long latest hairstyles possible.

So far they are succeeding and kicking absolute ass!

BluMaan Hair Product - Original by BluMaan
BluMaan Hair Product - Cavalier Clay by BluMaan
BluMaan Hair Product - Hybrid Cream Clay
Which BluMaan Hair Product is right for you?
  1. Original by BluMaan
    Original is a hair wax/cream that adds volume when used as a pre styler and gives great hold in post styling. It also has heat protecting properties that contribute to healthy hair. People with all hair types can benefit from this BluMaan Hair Product.
  1. Cavalier Clay by BluMaan
    This BluMaan hair product is a strong hold hair clay made for thicker unruly hair types. This product was also made in collaboration with YouTube Star Cameron Cretney.
  1. BluMaan Hybrid Cream Clay
    Hybrid is probably the most unique BluMaan hair product available. This product is a mix between a hair cream and a hair clay. Designed for finer hair, easy application with a delayed hold activation feature that kicks in 10 – 15 minutes after use.
  1. BluMaan 5th Sample Pomade 
    5th Sample is the newest addition to the BluMaan hair product range. 5th sample is great for cocktailing with your other favourite products and giving a medium/flexible hold that lasts all day.