Thomas In Action’s Love Wall

Thanks For The Love!

I’ve Been watching Thomas for about a year now and i just wanted to say I love Thomas’s videos. His growing out series has really helped me with my current hair growing out process!

Honestly I am in the awkward phase of growing my hair out and you have inspired me to push on to grow dreadlocks. You are a really funny and cool person who knows what you’re talking about. Keep it up and I look forward to more videos. God Bless…

You inspire me to strive to be myself. I thank you for being you and inspiring your views. Keep up the amazing content.

xoxo Ryan

Hi Thomas!! My name is Celeste, I am 18 years old, and I am from Brisbane Queensland! I just finished watching your last YouTube video, and I heard you mention the Love Wall, so here I am! I would like to take the time to thank you for several things.

I’m a lesbian, and my family isn’t so supportive. Nevertheless, I came out to them recently, and even though they don’t like it, I am who I am and I don’t care what they say! My confidence is very much inspired by you. Your videos taught me that it’s ok to be different! Secondly, your videos have helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I was diagnosed with depression and PTSD and chronic anxiety disorder a few years ago. Throughout my struggle with those, I isolated myself from the world entirely and had extremely low self esteem and didn’t want to do anything at all. I was drowning in my negativity.

This lasted for at least five years. Watching your videos actually made me determined to do something with my life instead of wasting away, and to get out there and just have fun! I am now employed and training to become a hair stylist, which was my dream ever since I was a child. This is thanks to the inspiration you provided me with!! Now I am able to see positivity in all of my days, and I am learning to love myself more and more every minute. In

conclusion, your videos have changed my life for the better, and I am eternally grateful to you! Stay awesome xx

Rick Rodríguez
Instagram: @eirodriguez4

Hey there Thomas, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me through your videos. You have made me more comfortable with myself and my hair and who I am, you have gotten me through rough situations and taught me a lot of things, thanks to you I accept who I am and I have many styles with my hair and when I dress. Thank you Thomas I love you, please keep it up.

Instagram: @mixalisnik03
Hey Thomas thank you so much for inspiring me to to grow my top hair out and give me that confidence you know?…but yeah funny story I actually started growing my hair last year and my hair to look like DanTDM (a minecraft youtuber)but then i wasn’t really into it and then I came across your channel and found out about straighteners, gels and conditioners (yes i didn’t know what conditioner was…)

In fact i didn’t even use one back then) but now I am more knowledge about my own hair and how to style it I’m currently 14 and when i grow up I’m planning to become a hairdresser and I’m already starting to learn about hair from your channel and from other lovely people so thank you for being my main inspiration and helping me find out what job to do when i grow up hope you read this! love you.

Michael Martinez

Instagram: @_Iamsaul

The very first video I ever watched of Thomas was the tattoo Photoshop transformation. Every since then, I’ve been a fan. Thomas is so personable. I found his YouTube when I was looking up hairstyles for long hair, I’ve tried just about every single one of his tutorials on hair. It is because of him that I grew my hair out, well just the top. He is unlike most of the YouTubers. He is, quite frankly, so nice. He responded to my messages and my snaps. And not many people do that.

Thomas is caring, and he treats all of his fans the same. He is a unique person. He is kind hearted, and most people should take a page out of his notebook. No matter how many followers he has, he is still humble. He still cares about us all. I enjoy watching him, love his fashion, love his hair and his smile is so beautiful. Oh also we wear the same shoe size, and his birthday is only 17 days later than mine. You know, just saying. I look forward to watching him grow as a person and YouTuber.


Bailey from USA
My loving message is that to those who are trying to find themselves and where they belong, to be yourself and to stay as true and genuine to not only you, but others too.

You will find yourself to be more comfortable and that your uniqueness will attract like minded people who share the same views and values as yourself. ¨ If you cant love yourself, then how the hell can you love somebody else? ¨ – Rupaul.

Instagram: @legend_inprogress

Hey man! I just want to say I love your videos! they make me really happy to see that someone else shouldn’t care about what the world thinks of them. I used to get made fun of for having very long hair when I was a kid and at the beginning of high school so I cut it all off.

But your videos made me realize that I should do what I want to do and have confidence again. My hair is kinda short on top and around the same length as your hair on the side in your 3d video! I’m really excited to grow it out again thanks to you! hair appearance is everything to me and you’re my hero!

Once again man, thank you so much. You have no idea how important you are in different people’s lives and especially to my own. it would be really cool to meet you in person and shake your hand if I ever get lucky! Anyway best of luck with your future videos!!! p.s. I’m going to go back to making all my hair videos too since i deleted them all on my channel.

The Bro
Instagram: @nalab23

You have helped inspire me to commit and fully grow my hair out. I was debating if i should wether or not grow it but after seeing yours go quite well, i feel inspired to go through with it.

Instagram: @joshlee15
Hey Thomas! I wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration to me on Youtube. I began growing my hair out last year July before traveling down under. I have watched your videos since you did your coconut oil trick to grow out your hair, and since then my hair has grown tremendously!

Thanks for being so friendly and compassionate with your content. You impact very many people (including myself) to grow out their hair so kudos to you! Here is to many more awkward hair stages and many more hair video updates! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! 😀

Instagram: @scottnotscotty

I really want to thank you and say how much I appreciate your videos. I love your channel and the content you create. I love how you’ve woven life and style videos together. Your hair tutorials are awesome and I have tried to replicate some of them. I suck at plats at the moment lol Beyond that I love the uplifting nature of your videos and how involved you are with your audience. I nearly didn’t enter, because I thought,”I’m sure he’s getting hundreds of entries and how could I compete with that.” But when I saw your Snapchat encouraging everyone to enter I decided to go for it.

I’m so grateful that you and bhave selected me and I think it’s awesome that you stay involved with your community. I know I’ve kind of blabbed on here, but I just really appreciate what you’re doing. You’ve helped me embrace who I am and realise that it’s not strange to do fun things with my hair, wear a baby pink tank top, or turn my old shirts into crop tops. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Instagram: N/A

Tommy, my dear friend since day 1. I love you because even though you’re changing and growing as a person, you’re still the same you. Always up for a laugh and good chat too.

I love that you’re so passionate about reaching out to people by standing up for what you believe in. Keep doing you, always.
Big love! Pussi kiss xxx

Instagram: N/A

10 Things I like about Thomas:
1. That he’s humble.
2. He’s very nice .
3. He’s such good friend .
4. He always replies.
5. His smile.
6. His silly sense of humor.
7. His kindness.
8. His big heart. ️
9. That he’s beautiful from inside and outside.
10. That he’s very unique person and I wish everyone become more like him, because he is a wonderful human being. “

Hi Thomas, this is only gonna be a quick message because I’m exhausted right now. So anyways I just wanted to say that I love love love your videos and that you’re hella inspiring and really cool and I wish I could give you so many more subscribers and views because you deserve it. You really do and I just really hope you’re taking good care of yourself because it can’t be easy making videos so much with all the editing and stuff so yeah and I hope you’re making enough to sustain yourself.

P.S the haircut you plan on doing is the same one I’ve been growing out my hair to do and I hope that goes really well for you and I wish you all the best.

Thomas, man you’re the best!!! fucking love your style and the hair bro!!! I’m growing out my undercut to get a real ponytail and not those super fake and wack undercut ones!!! Keep making the videos homie and i’ll keep watching em!!! Stunt. On. These. Hoes. From California!

Instagram: @daddy_bingham

Thomassss man, u are just full of heart and energy and you inspired me to do the MAN BUN. And god it’s so hard to find someone else with the same type of hair as me. So thank god I found you on youtube. You have helped me so much to find the right products to use to make my hair less shitty! And with me growing out my hair your styling videos will come in handy. Stay awesome my dude!


Instagram: @Priornoah

THOM! Thank you so much for inspiring me! As someone who wants to look on trend, I go to your videos for inspiration! Keep doing what you are doing!

Instagram: @jacedunn

“Thom, your personality, persistence, passion and drive encourages me to be a better human! Thank you for always showing me another perspective on things and guiding me in a positive and loving direction.”

Instagram: @tasha_055

“Ever since I met Thom he has been welcoming and so kind. He has been there to listen with an open heart any time I have needed a chat. He is such an authentic person and his positive attitude and energy are infectious. He has a genuine interest in helping others and being the best person he can. Thom inspires me to be a better person and to live life to the fullest. All in all he’s an amazing person and I’m grateful to have met him!”

Christian Herera
Instagram: N/A

“I love how authentic Thom is. He is a genuinely kind person. He shares himself so lovingly. I admire his open heart. He is so silly. It reminds me how useful a tool humor is. He reminds me to eat well and take care of my body. Thom reminds me to love myself unconditionally no matter what. His embracement of his femininity as well as masculinity is beautiful. Thom excites you to try new things & mix it up! I admire Thom because he is a great example of how to be the best version of yourself. Thom loves you.”

Felix Hofmann
Instagram: @flxhfmnn

Sorry again for my english😅
I really love your Videos. Just one simple sentence but very hard to explain 😅 I don’t know what it is but there is something in your videos and personality what makes my day better and simply makes me feel happy 😊 you seem so damn natural and friendly and I bet you are the same guy when the cameras are off.

You inspired me to grow an undercut bun and I fucking love it, the new videos with the shirt holders and these really beautiful shirts are so great and I’ll definitely buy these things😅😊

But in my opinion the greatest thing you give the people is your way of thinking😇 This “fuck what all the others think, I like this shirt so I’m gonna buy it and wear it ” helps you so much in your live and is the only way to be truly yourself and I don’t know if i would have realised it without you ♥️
Thank you and greetings from Germany ♥️

From the quiff tutorial and the heatless curls you got me Thom…I really love your personality and you inspired me to make my hair long….in short you’re my HAIRspiration….but at that time having long hair for men is prohibited in our school…and as soon as i become a senior high student….I start growing my hair and with your help…I rock that hairstyle…..

I’m one of the winners of the 5 minute journal and I really enjoyed answering it and every time i see it, all I remember is you…you really helped me to boost my confidence because back then I don’t really feel that I have hair it’s like I just go to school without combing it and while I’m browsing in YouTube I see your videos and that’s the time I start to style my hair…

Thanks Thom, love lots from the Philippines

Alan Barrios
Instagram: @nalab23

Hey there, I’m just a guy from Guatemala (Central America) how’s trying to have a great looking hair, I’ve watched Thomas’s videos & got inspired immediately. Awesome job Thomas. keep doing good videos…!

Instagram: @_.bruceeeeee._

“truly amazing human :)) helping me and many other people on how to take care of your body while still making your videos very entertaining ❤️ Long time sub 🙂 much love and wish you the best- Bruce”

Instagram: @jack_c16

“Thomas is amazing. Just thought I’d show some support to a great Youtuber who has such a great personality and mentality towards life in general! I am a Kiwi teenager who is on the same hair journey as you at the moment! Growing out the undercut isn’t fun, but I can’t wait to have a full beautiful head of hair, and I bet you can’t either! Thank you for inspiring us all through your videos, and helping us become better people, much love.”


“THOMAS, this awesome guy ;), taught me that your hair is an awesome bloody thing that is amazing! From one crazy thick haired person to another i feel the awesomness that your vids give aha. Being as cool as you are, having one of the best youtube channels, that’s relatable and funny and cool as fricckkk, I just feel the need to say you bring happyness to my world that I live in 🙂 Impactin us all aha”

Aradhana S
Instagram: @aradhanashamrao

The only male youtuber I’m subscribed to and I have no regrets for that! You are so kind and always take time to reply to me and your videos are so freaking good and loaded with good info helping a hell of a lot of men out there! I love you for your work and your simplicity  – Loads of love from India

P.S Hope to meet you someday and say hey hi, God bless! Virtual hugs and one thing I have to mention that you always do the giveaway in a different way rather than others who tell us tag some random friends which makes no sense at all.