5 Man Bun Styles

5 Cool Man Bun Styles

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Firstly, before I kick this post off I just need to know your opinion on this double braided man bun style. Please let me know after you finish reading this post because I’ve been considering a tutorial on it haha. Okay dokey so let’s get on with this article, you’re here for 5 incredibly cool Man Bun Styles right? Well …

How to keep Pubic Hair Tidy

How To Keep Pubic Hair Tidy

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How to keep your pubic hair tidy….hmmm interesting… Well it’s true, today I am going to be talking about my pubic hair and how I keep it tidy. Just FYI, that is me in the picture of this post and yes that is my real pubic hair that you can see lol. So if you are not really into awkward …