5 Man Bun Styles

5 Cool Man Bun Styles

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Firstly, before I kick this post off I just need to know your opinion on this double braided man bun style. Please let me know after you finish reading this post because I’ve been considering a tutorial on it haha.

Okay dokey so let’s get on with this article, you’re here for 5 incredibly cool Man Bun Styles right? Well 5 incredibly cool Man Bun Styles is what you are about to get.

This post was a request from a person called CapXeno, who commented on one of my YouTube videos from last week and said: CapXeno: Can you please do a video about different topknot & man bun styles??

And in my mind I was like “oh this is a goodie!”. So I am going to tell you about five man bun styles that I think are really cool at the moment and probs will be forever and some of them are for style, some of them are for ease, and yeah I just really like them. So please let me know what you think at the end of this post and let’s get into it.

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Man Bun Styles #1 – The Out of Bed Bun

Man Bun Style #1 - The Out of Bed Bun

So man bun number one is the out of bed bun. Seriously, my hair is so messy sometimes it is so much easier to just group it all on top of my head, put a hair tie around it and we are ready for the day.

The out of bed bun is pretty much the root of why I wanted to get a man bun in the beginning because you can literally, like I said it’s the out of bed bun. You roll out of bed, tie it up, boom and you are ready for the day and nobody is going to say anything because “oh it’s a man bun”. See? So easy. Love it.

Man Bun Styles: #2 – The Lowered Man

Man Bun Style #2 - The Lowered Man

The next man bun style on my list is the lowered man bun. Now I have done a full tutorial on the lowered man bun before which turned out awesome btw.

Now you pretty much just need to do the same thing as the out of bed bun, except you pull the hair around the sides of your head and you connect it at the lower base of your head. This hairstyle is really cool because provides a disguise your under cut and it gives the head a different shape.

So I definitely, have this one as a favourite and I have modified it since I did the tutorial so now I like to start pulling pieces out of the bun and tucking them behind my ears because it gives it more of a beachy messy look and I really love that.

Man Bun Styles: #3 – The Man Braid or Braided Man bun

Man Bun Style #3 - The Man Braid

Man bun hairstyle number three is the man braid, or other wise known as the famous Man Bun braid. This was a trend online everyone was loving it. Usually I do it wear a single braids down the middle of my head but obviously I’ve got the double braids happening today which I am also really loving them as well.

But yeah, the man bun braid is, I don’t know it just looks so cool. They have even started using the man bun braid in TV shows like Vikings. This guy’s got one, and yeah I think it’s just a really cool hairstyle. It’s pretty timeless.

And, now that I know how to do it myself, it is so much better. So I don’t have to rely on anybody to do my braid.

Man Bun Styles: #4 – The Perfect Man Bun

Man Bun Style #3 - The Man Braid

Man bun style number four is one of my absolute favourite man bun styles ever and it’s called the perfect man bun. I’ve also done a tutorial about this. What the perfect man bun consist of is straightening your hair like half straighten, well for me I have to, you also need bobby pins, and you need a hair tie to secure it all in place.

This one does take a little bit more time to do than the out of bed bun, and literally the reason that is called the perfect man bun is because it’s my my opinion of the perfect way to make a man bun. And it really does look perfect. It shows off my duck bun beautifully and I just love it. So yeah.

Man Bun Styles: #5 – The Bun Hawk

Man Bun Style #3 - The Man Braid

And man but hairstyle number 5 is the famous bun hawk. Now this is also a viral trend on the internet. I usually see ballet dancers wearing this or black chicks but I thought why not, I can give this a go.

Now I’m a little bit unsure of this look as well. I’ve never won this look out in public. It is very, very alternate which is kind of my style anyway but I just don’t know about this one. I think it’s really cool how it’s meant to be a row of buns connected together to make it look kind of like a Mohawk. I think that’s what is really interesting about it.

But yeah I don’t know, if you could give me your opinion on it that would be great (just write in the comment section of this post.

Man Bun Styles Complete!

So yeah that is my five man bun styles that I have for you! I really hope that you enjoyed this post and I also want to know whether you want to see this double braid tutorial happen, so voice your opinion please! Okay that is all I really have for you!

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Love Thomas.

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