Cavalier Clay by BluMaan

Cavalier Clay by BluMaan

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Cavalier Clay by BluMaan was made to be the hair product in the modern gentleman’s arsenal. The Clay is designed to give a sickening texture for medium to thick and give great hold that will last all day long.

Cavalier Clay by BluMaan is packed with nourishing ingredients such as organic oils, natural proteins and amino acids that help to keep your hair in better condition.

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How & Where?

Don’t be afraid to grab a big chunk of this clay. It works best if you smear it onto your palms and rub it together to heat it up. Once the Cavalier Clay is smooth in your hands, apply through your hair until you get the messy relaxed look you want… Or simply get your comb to clean it up.

Keep applying the clay to your hair until you get the desired look you want, but remember to only add small bits at a time as too much of it will make your hair heavy and not look so amazing.

Who & What?

Key Benefits of Cavalier Clay by BluMaan

  • Creates awesome texture for a messy and effortless looking hair
  • Has a high hold which helps control coarse, thick, and wavy hair
  • Long-lasting with no need to reapply product during the day
  • Pack with nourishing organic oils, natural proteins and amino acids that help keep it healthy
  • Gorgeous natural matte finish
  • Stays flexible and is re-styleable for the whole day
  • No animal testing

Cavalier Clay by BluMaan Reviews

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