10 Mens Undercut Hairstyles

10 Mens Undercut Hairstyles

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Hey guys welcome to my blog today I am going to be show you 10 Mens Undercut Hairstyles that I have been able to create with my long disconnected undercut.
If you are a newcomer here and wondering who the hell I am, my name is Thomas and I run a YouTube channel where I talk a fuck load about hair, men’s Style and grooming and you can find it by typing in Thomas In Action into Youtube 😉 . Now let’s have a look at some hairstyles.

Mens Undercut Hairstyles : #1 The Man Braid

Mens Undercut Hairstyles

The Man Braid or Man Bun Braid, what ever you want to call it is one of the best hair styles that I have worn and I could not leave it off this list. It is so different and not many boys wear it at all. Again that is totally the shit that I go for, so the man braid is one I highly recommend as a variation of mens undercut hairstyles.

Through working on my channel I have learned to braid my own hair actually. I never even wanted to learn how to braid because it just looked too hard, but now I am teaching other people how to braid in videos. This hairstyle is very cool, and the list would be incomplete without it.

Hairstyle : #2 The Crustacean
Mens Undercut Hairstyles

I don’t even know the name for this hairstyle, it kind of looks like a Crustacean in a way and very intricate. I went down to Dale’s Salon on Chevron Island and I kind of said “look I am going to a birthday tonight, can we do some kind of curly hair style because I know my youtube subscribers like curly hair styles and will want to see something like that”.

So she did all of these curls and then folded it all in this really beautiful manner that looked like a crustacean. It just sticks in my mind as one of the best hair styles I have ever had since I have been doing this channel and documenting my hair. So that is definitely on the list.

Hairstyle : #3 The Netted Undercut
Mens Undercut Hairstyles

The hair net is one was one of my freaking favorites! Now I saw the hair net first time ever in an M.I.A. video film clip and I thought “whoa that is so freaking cool, I wonder if I can do that with my hair?” So I tired it with my hair and it turned out awesome!

Mens Undercut Hairstyles

The photos were freaking sick. For that video I went and did a collaboration with Raynne from “Let it Raynne” where I netted her hair for her and it looked awesome! I would’ve felt like I was doing this hair style a disservice if it wasn’t on this list either…

Hairstyle : #4 The Man Pony 
With an Undercut
Mens Undercut Hairstyles

The man pony is simple because it’s a lot like the Regular Man Bun in the sense that you can just tie it up and go! However with my hair type there’s a bit of work involved before I can “just tie it up” lol. If you can’t tell from the pictures, I have really course frizzy hair, so I’m better off giving it a decent straight before I attempt this hairstyle.

The Mens undercut hairstyle is for sure one of the most simple, yet one of the most stylish and unusual. The fact this hairstyle is so simple, I never did a video about it BUT I did get a few good photos of it on Instagram and snapchat.

Hairstyle : #5 Curls Made With a Pencil
Mens Undercut Hairstyles

Curling my hair with a pencil was one of the strangest hairdos that I ever think I have ever done.

I was going through a phase where I was looking for different mens undercut hairstyles I could create and and it just so happened that curling my hair with an undercut looked quite cool! and on my searches, I found there was a technique that could help you achieve AWESOME curls with a pencil.

I thought pencil curling one was the most strangest type of hair curling I had ever seen and it looked pretty cool from the youtube tutorial I watched, so I gave it a crack!

In my everyday life I probably would not have been able to pull it off in the public, but it definitely photographed very well and it made video content because it was a very interesting concept.

Make sure you go and check that one out when you get the chance because this is hairstyle is one I really liked.

Here’s the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q19YdWVWCvw&t=2s

Hairstyle : #6 
Man Bun or Top Knot

Mens Undercut Hairstyles

The next number on my undercut hairstyle list is the Regular Man Bun or otherwise known as the top knot. The reason it had to be on the list is because this hairstyle, is the reason why my YouTube channel ever even took off.

It was the first video I had that ever got over 2000 views, and I feel like if I didn’t put it on this list it would be a massive dishonour to this hairstyle. This hairstyle is so easy and manageable because literally, all you have to do is roll out of bed, tie it up and you are ready to rock.

I freaking love it. and it’s more than likely that if you have a long undercut, you probably wear this hairstyle already (it’s the most common one)

Hairstyle : #7 The Man Bow

Mens Undercut Hairstyles

Is this really a hairstyle I’d wear out? probably not, but it’s clever and the first place that I ever saw the bow in the hair was when Lady Gaga first came out and I thought it was so dope..

I love documenting odd hairstyles like this and all the photos look great too. Definitely on my “favorites” list for mens undercut hairstyles.

Hairstyle : #8 The Man Bob
Mens Undercut Hairstyles

The man bob was a really cool one especially when my hair was shorter [about 8 inches I reckon] because It is a great way just disguise the undercut hairstyle.

My hair now comes down to about my collarbone so the man bob doesn’t look as great because it is so long and it starts to separate making it look shitter.

This hairstyle was unique and definitely me though… and I’d encourage anybody with a long disconnected undercut to try it out, especially if you are looking to change up your look.

Hairstyle : #9 The Slick Back

Mens Undercut Hairstyles

The slick back was a hair style that I was wearing way back in the early days of creating my channel. I liked this hairstyle because it was a look that I’d never tried before and contrary to it’s name, it was very slick.

Eventually I got over it because I started hating the whole gel look, but it did look good while my hair was a lot shorter I must admit.

Hairstyle : #10 Disconnected Undercut with Cornrows
Mens Undercut Hairstyles

This was the hairstyle I got when I went to Bali back in 2015, be sure to check out my trip on my YouTube channel if you haven’t. Before going to bali, I had never had my hair cornrowed before, but thought it would be really cool to get it done for the first time in Bali because it’s super cheap and it was something I’d been wanting to try. Once I got it done I thought it was one of the dopest looks I have ever and fell in love with it.

Side note though, I did get a lot of flack though for cultural appropriation [THIS IS WHEN YOU STEAL ANOTHER CULTURE AND TRY TO PASS IT AS YOUR OWN]. My thoughts on this are simple, hairstyles are universal and cannot be trademarked by any culture.

On top of that, I also thought I was pretty creative because as a hair blogger/video maker I’m I’m very passionate about Men’s hair and more so, mens undercut hairstyles in particular as it’s the hairstyle I have… so yeah.

And That’s a Rap for Mens Undercut Hairstyles…

All right guys, hope this variety of mens undercut hairstyles was interesting for you!I’ve been working super hard over on my YouTube channel to create all of these awesome hairstyles so I’m really proud to show them off to you.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. I’m always interested to see what other hairstyles my followers come up with so if you are keen to share them with me or the world add me on Snapchat and give me a look!

In the meantime… If you are as crazy about hair as me, check out these other blog posts I made earlier and let me know what you think!

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Mens Undercut Hairstyles

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