pros and cons of having a man bun or topknot - men's hair

Pros and Cons of Having a Man Bun or TopKnot – Men’s Hair

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So are you thinking of getting of growing a Man Bun or Topknot and you just aren’t sure about it? or maybe you already are in the process of growing a man bun and haven’t looked at all the pros and cons of having one? or maybe you have one already and you can add to what get’s said in this post…Either way, it doesn’t matter, you hear and you are obviously into the Manbun….

So what are the Pros and Cons to having a Man Bun or TopKnot?
There’s probably 2000394839438 more than what’s written in this post but here are 3 Pros and Cons of Having a Man Bun or TopKnot.

Pros of Having a Man Bun or TopKnot

Pro #1 – Easy to Manage and Wear
The Man Bun or TopKnot is seriously one of the easiest hairstyles you can have. From personal experience, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve jumped out of bed late and said THANK FUCK for this hairdo because literally, I can just tie it up and go but still look decent… And for that reason the man bun is great!

Pro #2 – Versatility
A Man Bun or TopKnot is also amongst the most versatile of men’s hairstyles particularly with a man bun that has a disconnected undercut with it. I’ve been able to rock a man bun, the man bun, a side swipe, wedding hair and the whole shebang! I’ve got a video on my channel about it so if you need more convincing about going ahead with this style be sure to check my channel out! (jut type in Thomas In Action – 10 Looks, 1 Hairstyle)

Pro #3 – Uniqueness
As far as men’s hairstyles go, The Man Bun or TopKnot is very unique and stands out. It pretty much broke the internet back in 2014 and for good reason. It was one of those hairstyles that kind of crossed over something that was originally worn by girls into the men’s world…. much like the man Bob, or the male romper… or from him as they are famously known as. It’s not hard to spot a man bun and yes they are common, but still a minority which makes them special and also it just looks so stylish!

Cons of Having a Man Bun or TopKnot

Con #1 – Nasty Comments
So when the Man Bun or TopKnot there was a lot of love but also a lot of hate… somewhere vocal and others not. I personally did have a few people diss this hairstyle in the beginning when I started wearing it but as my confidence grew with wearing it was fine. It just sucks that people have to be so rude sometimes and be prepared for the occasional asshole to say something… I guess this hairdo is kind of like fashion… wear it confidently and people will get it.

Con #2 – Can’t Rock Short Hair Styles
OMG, look I know I was talking about the greatness of versatility with this hair style but it also has a downside in the fact you can pull off short quiff hairstyles. Sometimes I get random urges to wear short hairstyle and I just want to cut it off, but there’s just one problem… you can’t get your hair back tomorrow. You gotta grow it again if you cut it and regret it.

Con #3 – Rapid Use of Products and Accessories
Having longer hair means you’ll be using way more product to maintain it. That goes for hair waxes, shampoos, Conditioner, leave in conditioner, oils etc. This can be rather annoying and costly but if you love your hair there is no excuse not to keep it in good shape… Also, I find my limits are pushed accessory wise as well with hair ties and bobby pins. Bobby pins are seriously SO easy to lose and hairties stretch and snap all the time so get used to buying a lot of them haha.

So that’s all for this post guys, feel free to watch the video version of this on my channel, just type in Thomas In Action – Pros and Cons of Having a Manbun in the search bar and you should find it!

Good luck with your Man bun journey and I’ll see you next time!!!

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  1. Hi Thomas 🙂
    You inspired me to grow out my undercut with topknot
    can’t wait for the hair journey with you!

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