Hanz De Fuko Sponge wax Review

Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax

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Hanz de fuko Claymation

Hanz de fuko Sponge Wax gives your hair the magical pliability of a pomade combined with the holding power of a gel. It provides great texture to the hair and allows the user to easily create an everyday look without losing control. This product gives a matte finish and is made from organic ingredients.

Price :
Amazon : $27 65 & Free Shipping inside US

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Discount Codes Available

Hanz de Fuko promote their products a lot through social media influencers (like me) and provide the influencer with a special coupon code that allows the influencers subscribers to get their products with a special deal or at a discounted price. below, Hanz de Fuko have given me 2 special coupon codes which will get you 1 free tub of Hanz de Fuko Claymation with any purchase over 30 bucks on their website. I also have a second code that you won’t find anywhere else, which gets you 15% off any Hanz de Fuko orders for first time buyers. Both coupon codes are listed below.

1 free tub of Hanz de Fuko Claymation with any purchase over $30 on the Hanz de Fuko website.
15% off any order for first time customers only.

How & Where?

Grab a small coin size chunk of Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax between your fingers to gently soften it. Then apply to your hair until you achieve your desired look. (really good for texturizing)

Who & What?

Key Benefits of Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax.

  • Certified Organic Extracts
  • Gives good texture and hold
  • Paraben Free
  • Has a high hold
  • Beautiful matte finish
  • No animal testing

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