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Smile Brilliant Reviews – Does it Really Work?

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Looking For Honest Smile Brilliant Reviews? This is Your Ticket...

You’ve probably stumbled across this page because you are in search of Smile Brilliant Reviews, and lucky for you, you just so happened to come across mine!

If you are already a subscriber on my YouTube channel, Hello! And thank you so much for checking out my Smile Brilliant review and if you are brand new and never heard of me, my name is Thomas, and I run a Hair and Style related YouTube channel called Thomas In Action.

You might also be wondering why you should take my advice and why my Smile Brilliant review is better than other Smile Brilliant reviews that are kicking around the internet…

In terms of taking advice from me, I’ve been reviewing products on the internet for over 3 years now and I have managed to build myself a nice following of 69,000 people on my YouTube Channel and have multiple brands coming to me daily to review their products. I also wanted to let you know that I take pride in my work and make sure I cover things in detail, so this Smile Brilliant review will probably be far more in depth than any other Smile Brilliant reviews you find anywhere else.

Not only have I written about my experience with smile brilliant in this blog post but I’ve also included the full detailed video demonstration of me creating my molds, sending them off, receiving my custom fitted trays back and using the product from end to end.

So sit tight and rest assured that by the end of this review you will be able to make up your mind as to whether Smile Brilliant is something you want to try.

If you are keen to watch the video reviews, head to the bottom of this post. They are probably the most informative.

Now where was I?
This post & these videos are for those who really take pride in having a really nice bright white smile just like me and in the video above I’m gunna show you this awesome kit I used to get super white teeth in 1 week!

I’m honoured to say I’ve been asked to collaborate with smile brilliant who are an amazing teeth whitening company that have collaborated with huge youtubers like The Gentlemans Cove & Danielle Mansutti so this is a big deal, excuse me.

Smile Brilliant Reviews

So I’m super excited and Smile Brilliant aren’t like the other teeth whitening kits I’ve tried before. This kit is the FULL ON professional treatment that you would get in the dentist for a ridiculous price of like 500 bucks or some shit.

But smile brilliant have made a real quality and affordable way of doing this and you can get everything I’m gunna show you in today’s video for $120 plus you can get a 5% discount using my Gift Card Code.

So if having a nice bright smile is important to you keep watching this video coz this process is funky as fuck.

The 2 Step Process - Smile Brilliant Reviews

Step 1 :

Step 1 was to create my own teeth impressions which was a really cool/awkward experience. There’s really specific instructions for this in the kit so it’s pretty hard to screw it up.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

Basically what you do is clean your teeth really really well, merge the blue and white putty together and squish it in the tray and then shove it in your mouth for 2 minutes until it hardens and then kaboom you’re good.

1. Brush Your Teeth
2. Mix the putty in the trays.
3. Create impressions

So I had to do that for both the top and the bottom teeth and then I popped them into the bubble wrap bag and sent them back to Smile Brilliant.

4. Send impressions away.

Now the catch here is Smile Brilliant are based in the U.S.A, so if you purchase this product in the U.S.A the bubble wrap bags will have prepaid postage and if you are outside of the U.S.A you’ll have to pay for the postage back which is only like ten bucks anyway, the quality of this kit defo makes up for it.

Step 2 :

So Step 2 is to wait for Smile Brilliant to receive your impressions, create the moulds and then send your custom fitted trays back to you, which is pretty cool coz seriously the trays fit my teeth like a glove. It’s literally like a tooth glove they fit so well.

Custom fit teeth whitening trays

Then it was time to get down to business and begin whitening, again there’s really thorough instructions for this so it’s hard to screw up. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of whitening gel to Teeth Trays and pop them in your mouth.

Teeth Whitening Gel
How To Apply Teeth Whitening Gel
Placing Trays In Mouth

It’s recommended to ease your teeth into the process by starting with a half an hour session and build up to 3 hours if you have time. The longer you leave it in the quicker you are gonna get a result, I work from home so I was sweet to do the whole 3 hour thing but yeh, ease into it. (I do a really good demo of this in the video above so be sure to check it out)

Just a Little Tip!

After you use the whitening gel it’s really important to use the desensitising gel, because what teeth whitening actually does is dehydrate your teeth and can make them really sensitive so using the desensitising gels is a must if you don’t want painful teeth! I thought I could get away without using it in the beginning and that’s a definite no no, don’t do it they will hurt.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

Results = Amazing!

Within one week of using this kit my teeth were shinier than I’ve ever seen them before and all I wanna do is show em off!

4. Send impressions away.
4. Send impressions away.

I can’t believe how hitech the quality of this kit actually is especially being able to do it at home it’s also awesome that you can get something like this for $120 when a real dentist will charge you 3 – 500 hundred dollars which sounds like a rip off when you know you can get it for cheaper.

If you guys wanna give Smile Brilliant a try get and get this exact kit , head to this link :

Thanks for reading this and I hope you have shinning teeth like me soon!

Please see below the Smile Brilliant reviews I did of this product in video form. They are really informative!

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