BluMaan Cloud Control Oil Review - men's hair oil for styling

BluMaan Cloud Control Review – Men’s Hair Oil for Styling

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Hey there and thanks for swinging past my blog! I’m Thomas and this is my official BluMaan Cloud Control review.

If this is the first time you’ve seen any of my hair content, welcome. I’m actually a YouTuber in the men’s hair sector of YouTube  just like Joe from BluMaan and I aim to serve guys with unruly and longer hair.

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Now, the reason I wanted to write this review was because BluMaan Cloud Control Oil was actually made for guys with hair types just like mine. Frizzy, dry and down right crazy.

I also had the pleasure of trying this product early before launch as over the years of creating hair videos on YouTube I’ve built a solid relationship with the BluMaan team by helping out with the launch of some of their other products like Cavalier Clay, Hybrid Cream Clay, Orignal Styling Meraki & 5th Sample Pomade.

Further to the point, there’s no doubt that the BluMaan team are committed to making the best hair products for men on the market and with that said, let’s get this BluMaan Cloud Control review underway!

By the way, if you’re a pinterest user, I’ve made a cool little pinfographic just below that you can save to one of your boards for later. I find that shit always comes in handy haha.

BluMaan Cloud Control Review – Men’s Hair Oil for Styling

Anyway, for this review I thought I’d break this down into 5 simple categories including

  1. Scent
  2. Ease of use
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Packaging
  5. Price point

The Scent of BluMaan Cloud Control Hair Oil

There’s not a whole bunch to commentate on with hair products and their smells, I mean you either like it or you don’t. Compared to some of the other scents BluMaan has used in their other products this one is what I would call quite conservative or faint.

To my nose it smelt very “natural” or similar to massage oil if you will. I found it quite pleasant but was also mildly disappointed because I have really enjoyed all of the scents BluMaan has used to date except for 5th Pomade.

I really wasn’t a fan of the 5th Sample smell if I’m completely honest with you. The rest are all amazing though. If I were to mark the scent out of 5 I’d probs give it a 3.5. Pleasant but not wowzer lol.

Ease of Use & Effectiveness of BluMaan Cloud Control Oil

This video pretty much sums up my ease of use experience with cloud control.

But if watching videos isn’t your thing, I guess you could say the oil is fairly straightforward and easy to use. I actually found it rather interesting that the recommended way to use this product is in pre-styling.

Essentially, you’re supposed to apply Cloud Control to damp hair and style as usual however, I quite frequently use heat to style my hair because it’s so nuts and usually put oils on after all the heating is done.

I used the product after curling my hair with a flat iron and I was actually pretty stoked with the softness and shine that it gave me. At the time of writing this I’m yet to use it for pre-styling but I will eventually get around to it.

Overall, I found BluMaan CLoud Control easy to work with. One thing to note though is I noticed that unlike other argan oils and shine fluids that I have I kinda needed more that what I usually would. I think I described it in my video as”It doesn’t go very far”.

What I mean by this is when I usually use a hair oil, a little goes a long way. However, with this oil I needed to use more product than I normally would to get full coverage on my hair.

I thought it was rather interesting. If I were to rate the ease of use for Cloud Control, I’d give it a 4.5 and I was really impressed with the result.

BluMaan Cloud Control Packaging

If you’re already someone who watches my videos regularly, you know I’m a massive fan of the African animals with crazy hairstyles that BluMaan use on all their packaging.

BluMaan Original Styling Meraki
BluMaan Cavalier Clay
BluMaan Hybrid Cream Clay

However with the Cloud Control Hair Oil, they’ve for some reason decided to switch it up by going with a minimalist look. They used a frosted glass bottle and a white box with a dusty Blue BluMaan logo.

BluMaan Cloud Control Review – Men’s Hair Oil for Styling

Although I think the packaging is nice, my first initial thought was “where’s the animal?!?!”. Nonetheless, I think the packaging is cool but it’s definitely different and not what I was expecting.

Product Pricing

As far as hair oils go, I don’t think the pricing of this product is unreasonable. I mean, frizz control oil I normally use is from a brand called bhave which retails for about $45 Australian dollars which is the rough equivalent to about $32 US dollars.

BluMaan Cloud Control retails for $24.50 US which converts roughly to $30 Australian which compared to the prices I’m used to paying for hair oil isn’t bad at all.

I also think the most important thing when it comes to price is whetheror not the product works and what the authority of the brand selling the item is. BluMaan has built an extremely good reputation for making kick ass hair products and so far I feel the product does a great job. Especially for my type of hair.

The only thing is guys in the 18 - 25 year age range don’t usually have a ton of spare cash to drop on hair products so I can understand if $24.50 is a bit on the pricey side. For me personally though, I would have no problem paying this price for this product after seeing the results.


Overall I think quite highly of this product and I’m really glad the BluMaan Team have started adventuring into other type of hair products that are outside of styling and not just aiming at guys with short quiffy hairstyles.

As for my ratings on the above categories

  1. Scent - 3.5 stars
  2. Ease of use - 4.5 stars
  3. Effectiveness - 4.5 stars
  4. Packaging - 3 stars
  5. Price point - 4 stars

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and if you end up trying this product for yourself or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you in the comments 🙂

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Have an awesome day.

Yours in good hair,

Thomas In Action

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