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Sugar Bear Hair vs Hairfinity | Which Hair Growth Vitamin is Better?

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If you on the hunt for info on Sugar Bear Hair vs Hairfinity you are certainly in the right place!

For the past year and a bit I’ve been growing my hair out from a disconnected undercut to a full head of hair. As we all know growing your hair can be a long daunting process and anything that can help speed up the process would be considered a gift from god right?!

Before I get into the difference between these two brands, if you are still in the research phase of deciding which hair growth product you are going to go with, make sure you save the Pinterest graphic below to one of your boards so you can access it later. You can use the little "pin it" button to your left to easily save it to your board. 🙂

Which is the better hair growth supplement? Sugar Bear hair or Hairfinity? They are both very overhyped biotin hair growth products on the market with bold claims and I’ve tried both of them. Here’s some honest feedback on these “fast hair growth products”. I put all of the ingredients next to each other and my findings were quite interesting.. Read more by visiting my blog post. #sugarbearhair #hairfinity #hairgrowth #biotin

Now, where was I? My hair growth journey in particular has been a really popular topic with my viewers and ever since I started growing it out I’ve been doing a monthly check-in on my channel to discuss my hair growth results and update my audience on what I’ve been doing to stay sane during the awkward stage.

Throughout my hair growth process I’ve tried and still am trying multiple products and methods that claim to grow hair faster and documenting the results as I go along just to see what works and what doesn’t.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Thomas and I run a successful YouTube Channel. If you had of asked me 3 years ago if I ever thought I’d have a community of over 75,000 subscribers and a total view count of 13 million views on my channel, I would have told you you were crazy… However, that’s now my reality and I constantly have viewers visit me every week for my hair content.

Sugar Bear Hair Vs Hairfinity

The most recent hair growth product I’ve purchased is Hairfinity and as I’m writing this I’m in my first week of using it and can't wait to see how it works for my hair.

In terms of other hair vitamins, the only ones I’ve tried so far are the Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins and the Watermans Grow Pro vitamins both of which returned interesting results and now it’s time to throw Hairfinity into the mix and compare it to the others.

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins
Watermans Grow Pro Vitamins

Hairfinity has had A LOT of press and A LOT of reviews online. I really looked into this product before I considered actually spending money on it. I even dropped a post in my hair growth facebook group about it just to see if anyone had tried it.

By the way my facebook group is called hairstyles in action and you can join using the link below, all you have to do is answer 3 questions and boom you’re in. Here's the link:

Thomas In Action Facebook Group

After watching a few Hairfinity reviews and doing a bit of reading about these hair growth vitamins, I decided fuck it let’s do it and I bought 2 months worth. Just FYI, Hairfinity hair growth vitamins are really fucken expensive and I’m hoping they work! I payed $91 dollars out of my own pocket for these and I’m really interested to see how they go.

With Hairfinity, you are able to buy 1 month, 2 month or 3 month supplies and I felt like 2 months would be a good amount of time to actually test them and see if theres a real difference in my hair growth you know?

When I bought the Sugar Bear Hair gummies I only bought a 1 month supply:

a) due to the price.

b) I logically just thought if they’re even selling a one month supply on their website that that amount was enough to see some kind of difference.

However, they said that “everyone's different” and it’s best to get a longer supply or whatever.

sugar bear hair before and after

Anyway, I’m interested to see what comes of these Hairfinity pills and I’m going to be giving my 100% honest opinion on them no matter what. I’ve been extremely transparent about this whole journey and my results so if they work definitely letting you know.

Sugar Bear Hair vs Hairfinity Ingredients and Supplement Info

Another thing I was really curious about was what makes these Hairfinity hair growth vitamins any different to the Watermans grow pro vitamins or the sugar bear hair vitamins? I mean, they all claim to do the same shit but are they all the same ingredients?

Like what’s the go? So the 3 hair growth vitamins I mentioned above all have heaps of different ingredients in them, most I’ve never even heard of but the common ingredient between all of them that I found in my research were:

  1. Biotin - Know for promoting hair growth, nail growth and skin rejuvenation
  2. Calcium - Which if deficient can have an impact on your healthy hair growth
  3. They’re all gluten free - Which is great for celiacs I guess.

So at a glance there are only really 3 things All 3 of these products have in common which I find extremely odd because they all claim to do the same thing yet they all use different ingredients.

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins
sugarbearhair vitamins
Watermans Grow Pro Vitamins

But when I took a closer look at the ingredients, the two hair growth vitamins that are the most different from each other are the Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins and the Watermans Grow Pro Vitamins. The only thing these two hair growth vitamins have in common is the previous points I mentioned, they contain biotin, calcium and are both gluten free. That’s it.

supplement facts sugar bear hair vs hairfinity

However when we look at Sugar Bear Hair vs Hairfinity, these two hair growth vitamins have very similar ingredients including the ones mentioned before and more, such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Pantothenic Acid and Folic Acid.

All of which the Watermans Grow Pro Vitamins do not have… But wait it gets even better than that.

When I took a close look at the Watermans Hair Growth Vitamins vs Hairfinity, the two also have a lot in common. Both contain:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen – Which is composed of small amino acids which formulate new collagen that helps strengthen the hair shaft and strands.
  • MSM – an organic, sulfur-rich compound that promotes vitality.
  • Silica – Which is known for boosting and fortifying power.
supplement facts sugar bear hair vs hairfinity

Now these three ingredients along with Horse tail (whatever the fuck that is) are what Hairfinity like to call their exclusive Capilsana Complex which isn’t really exclusive because Watermans also use the same formula but whatever. Are you seeing what I’m seeing here?

Hairfinity has things in common both with Sugar Bear Hair and Watermans that neither of the two have with each other.... To me it looks like hairfinity has taken the best bits of both Watermans and Sugar Bear Hair to make their own unique formulation which I think is really fucking clever.

And just from this observation, I’m far more keen to try Hairfinity now it looks like they’ve done their research and made a good product. I mean If I’m real with you, I noticed absolutely 0 difference when using the Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins and noticed a massive difference when using all the Watermans Hair growth products together.

The fact that I even got a result using the Watermans grow me products makes me lean more towards their formula as being a winner to be honest and knowing that Hairfinity have taken the same approach along with including everything that Sugar Bear hair has makes me think I could be in for a real treat here!

I can’t wait to report back over the next 2 month and let you know how my Sugar Bear Hair vs Hairfinity vs Watermans grow me range works out haha.

I’ll be sure to make a video about it and keep you in the loop!

So in a Nutshell, I know you came here for just a Sugar Bear Hair vs Hairfinity comparison but you got the lot haha. And that’s what I’m all about anyway, giving value. I really take pride in making quality hair content and if you enjoyed reading this post please make sure you share it with your friends or link to it on your website if you found it useful.

If you have used any of these hair growth vitamins before or have your own opinion on Sugar Bear Hair vs Hairfinity, I’d love to know about your experience in the comment section below :).

Until my next post (which will hopefully be my one month check-in after using Hairfinity Hair Growth Vitamins) I’ll see you then!

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to check-out and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can do that here:

Chat soon!


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