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How to Straighten Thick Frizzy Hair – Men’s Hair

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Ever Wondered How to Straighten Thick Frizzy Hair?

Welcome! So for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the person who requested for me to do a post about how to straighten thick frizzy hair, but someone did and here it is! If you are brand new here, I make style and hair related videos on youtube and before you look at the products I suggest you watch the video to give it more context.

So if we look at the facts, straightening thick frizzy hair just like mine and most likely yours (if you’ve found this video) can be an extremely big task. But if done properly, it can look awesome!

In my opinion, knowing how to straighten thick frizzy hair starts with knowing the right products to use. As you will see in the video above I’ve used a heap of different products to give my hair the best result when straightening it and 4 of which are pre-styling hair products.

NOTE: If the products listed here are a little out of your price range I’ve included links to CHEAPER ALTERNATIVES below for each one. Don’t worry, I get it we aren’t all loaded, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to look fabulous.

The first 4 products I use on my before straightening my hair are most beneficial for my hair type (coarse, thick and frizzy) and are as follows:

#1: bhave Leave-in Creme

If you follow me regularly you will already know why I love this product and what it does. However for those who don’t bhave leave-in creme is a leave-in conditioner made from organic ingredients including keratin and what it does is, it helps dry frizzy hair retain moisture and give it a nicer feel thus keeping it in a healthy condition.

Even if I don’t straighten my hair this is the one product I use EVERYDAY without fail. If just by looking you can tell your hair is similar to mine, I would try this product out or at least something like it. I also have a promo code with these guys that can get you free shipping on all bhave products for the US, Canadian and Australian store. The code is THOMASFREESHIP. If you try any bhave products from this post please let me know how you like them!

#2: bhave Super Nova Elixir

bhave super nova elixir

bhave supernova is a fairly new product from bhave and it’s designed to be an elixir for your hair. The ingredients in it keep your hair nice and healthy but the number one thing I like about this product is the shine it gives my hair. If I don’t straighten my hair, I don’t really see the shine effect of this product. But baby when I do straighten my hair it looks fucking fabulous… just watch the video again haha.

Cheaper alternatives to bhave Super Nova Elixir include:
1. Cacay Naturals – Cacay Oil Elixir
2. OROFLUIDO – Beauty Elixir

#3: Davroe Straightening Balm

Davroe straightening balm

Davroe straightening balm is the freaking bomb! If you really want to know how to straighten thick frizzy hair, then this kind of product will for sure come in handy!

The reason I love using this product is that it gives my hair a really really smooth finish after straightening. It also helps decrease that hideous “poof” you sometimes when you straighten your hair. If you have never heard of a straightening balm, I would also highly recommend trying one out. it’ll be your new bestie. You can try this product for $24 from the Birchbox Website

Cheaper alternatives to Davroe Straightening Balm include:
1. Wella Straightening Balm,
2. Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm
3. Framesi Be Yourself Wio Strait Balm

#4: Sebastian Trilliant Heat Protector

Look, I’m just going to say this now. Frizzy hair or not use a fucking heat protector! too many people race around blow drying and straightening their mop not giving a fuck and then wonder why their hair ends up all brittle, broken and shitty…

If anything, a heat protector is the most important product to use when you straighten your hair. The one I use is by Sebastian Trilliant. I’ve found this one to work really well. I don’t straighten my hair a hell of a lot and I’ve had this product for like ever but man, I would not be caught dead using heat on my hair without it. Rant over haha.

After Pre-styling Your Hair

After I use this 4 products in the pre-styling stage I blow dry my hair and then give it a straighten.

After years of trying to figure out how to straighten thick frizzy hair like mine, I have ended up with a heap of utensils that I use when doing it to make life easier and they are as follows:

#1: A Hair Dryer

The blow dryer I use is non-branded and I can’t even remember where the hell I got it from. It’s cheap and only has one setting but gets the job done.

NOTE: It’s really iportant you make sure your hair is dry before straightening your hair because when the iron heats the water it creates steam and steam will absolutely obliterate your hair even with a heat protectant.

Here’s a cheap hair dryer like mine that I found on amazon for 12 bucks.

cheap hair dryer on amazon
#2: A Hair Straightener or Iron

I use a GHD V-Opal Styler. GHD is a great brand of straightener along side Cloud Nine Straighteners which I’ve also heard are great. They heat up super quick.

GHD is quite an expensive brand of straightener so if you are looking for something cheaper but still with a good reputation, try a Remington Hair Straightener. They are well known and very affordable.

remington hair straightener
#3: A Tail Comb

A Tail Comb comes in handy for sectioning the hair for a better straighten. I explain this in the video back at the start of this post.

#4: Ibis Clips

Over the years of trial and error, I’ve found ibis clips to be a hell of a lot more useful than a hair tie to hold my hair out of the way. An ibis clip makes sectioning from the back to the front a lot easier because it’s you can pull each section out far easier with less fuss. Ibis clips are also cheap and can be found in drug stores and supermarkets. If you want to learn how to straighten thick frizzy hair properly then I couldn’t recommend having these enough.

Ibis Clips

Speaking of sectioning, When I straighten my hair I go from the back to the front, I find this gives me a far better shape to work with in the end and I also add a slight rotation to the iron so my hair flicks in instead of out. explain this a bit better in the video version.

Hair Care After Straightening

Once my hair is straightened I make sure I double check that I’ve gotten every piece and just do a quick little zip over and then use a few more products (I know the list never ends lol)

The next 2 products are all for hair care after you straighten it:

#1: bhave Riot Control Oil
bhave Riot Control Oil

Bhave riot control oil give a similar effect to an argan oi, their pretty much the same but riot oil is the best lol. This product makes my hair feel softer, floppier, shinier and contributes to moisturizing the hair.

Free Shipping with the code THOMASFREESHIP
Buy Now (Australia) – $49.95AU
Buy Now (USA & Canada) – $32.25USD

#2: bhave Freshends
bhave Freshends

This product is great for repairing and preventing split ends which seem to be a big problem for people with dry coarse hair. I also find this product helps reduce fly aways which are those pesky bits that like to stick out everywhere. This product should only be used on dry hair. So if you get some, just remember that.

Free Shipping with the code THOMASFREESHIP
Buy Now (Australia) – $36.95AU
Buy Now (USA & Canada) – $25.50USD

Styling Your Hair After Straightening

The actual hair styling products I used in my video about how to straighten your hair were just extras to get the look I wanted. If we are talking just straightening the above text is what I actually do but the following products here are totally optional.

#1: bhave Flex Styling Paste
bhave Flex Styling Paste

In my video I used this product to “paste” the sides of my hair down. I’m currently growing my disconnected undercut out to a full man bun and shit is starting to look so fluffy, so i used this paste to stick the sides down to draw less attention to them. This hair paste has a hold factor of 3 and worked awesomely.

Free Shipping with the code THOMASFREESHIP
Buy Now (Australia) – $30.85AU
Buy Now (USA & Canada) – $19.50USD

Cheaper alternatives to bhave Flex Styling Paste include:
1. Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste
2. American Crew Defining Paste
3. Redken Rewind 06 Pliable Styling Paste

#2: Cavalier Clay by Blumaan

In the video I said I’d be using the Davroe hair clay but I was actually really disappointed as soon as I started using it. It kind dried my hair back out. It’s like it absorbed all the oils I had just put into my hair in the previous steps. As soon as I realised it wasn’t working out I hit up the Cavalier Clay by Blumaan as I knew it gave me the texture, hold and look that I’m currently loving so i quickly changed to using that and got a great result.
Here’s the link to this product:

And That is How To Straighten Thick Frizzy Hair…

And that concludes my post about how to straighten thick frizzy hair! If you click the product names above it will take you to the product pages for all the above products. I know this process seems like a lot but if you have thick, coarse, frizzy hair I strongly suggest you give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve had to play with SO many different products in the past to get this combination right and I finally feel like I’ve gotten somewhere and it’s my honour to share it with you.

If you found this useful leave a comment letting me know and don’t forget to share this post! I’ve got easy share buttons at the top of this post and would really appreciate it.



If you’d like to check out the video version where I use all of these products you can find it my YouTube channel by clicking here

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