Grey Color Hair Wax

Color Hair Wax Review – Does It Look Real or Fake?

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Hello there and thank you so much for swinging by my blog. If you’ve landed here, I’m going to take a guess and say that color hair wax has piqued your interest on the internet and now you’re wanting to find out more?

If that’s the case you are in luck because just below I’ll be covering my complete experience with this Mofajang grey color hair wax and whether or not I think it’s worth giving a go.

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Grey Color Hair Wax

Now, I don’t know about you, but when this color hair wax piqued my interest, The main things I wondered were:

  1. Does the color hair wax actually look real in your hair?
  2. What does color hair wax even look and feel like compared to normal hair wax?
  3. How much am I looking at paying for a tub of color hair wax?

You might be wondering some of the exact same things as I was or you may even have other questions too. If I fail to clarify something about this grey color hair wax and you have more questions about it, make sure you leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Right, moving on!
Just quickly, for those of you who are unfamiliar with me and wondering why the hell you should listen to my opinion, my name is Thomas and I run a hairstyle YouTube channel. Over the past 3 years I’ve done A LOT of experimentation with with all different kinds of hair products and hairstyles, from man buns, to hair curling to keratin treatments all the way to playing with color hair wax.

I even did a video of me testing this color hair wax for the first time. If you are more of a video lover than a reader than you can check it out just below:

Thomas In Action - Color Hair Wax
It’s a little bit creepy. Hey.
Hello, everybody and welcome back to my channel. My name is Thomas if you are brand new here and I make style and hair related videos pretty much every single week here on YouTube. Today, we are really exploring our individuality and having a look at color hair wax.

We’re actually doing two crazy things. We’re looking at this grey color hair wax or whatever you want to call it and we’re also going to be… I have this dark fantasy about wearing solid white contact lenses. I’ve never had ones that shield over your whole eye, but I’ve managed to get my hands on some and I thought, “Well, while I’m using this the color hair wax today, why don’t I make my eyes white and I can just be an alien?” They’ll be coming in after we have a little look at this.

I was actually really interested in color hair wax because I like anything that can dramatically change your look in two seconds. In the videos that I have seen of others using color hair wax, the guy is just swiping their hair and then, all of a sudden, they’ve either got grey or white hair. I think it also does depend on what color hair you actually already have. My hair is actually quite dark, so I think it’s going to give me more of a greyish look. I have used this before but when I used it, I already had a clay in my hair and it was actually very hard to get this product through. I want to really give color hair wax good go and see how it looks with just normal hair first.

My hair that I’ve got right now is just straightened. It’s got absolutely nothing but oils in it which is fine. I’m just going to put the color hair wax in while my hair is like this and see what happens because I feel like the clay just wouldn’t let me evenly distribute it before. Yeah, I’m coming back with a vengeance. Here we go.

I just wanted to ask you as well. What do you think of this awesome read T.I.A sweater? Thomas in action. Yeah? In case nobody did get it. Just to touch on it quickly. I’ve got this sweater made just to symbolise what I do here on this channel. I think exploring ourselves is the most important thing that we can do in our lives whether it’d be trying something new with our hair, trying new clothes, trying a new lifestyle, trying new sexual activities, whatever you want to do, trying it out is always a great thing and exploring that, it’s just so much fun and it really allows you to figure out who you are, I guess. I’m still on my journey. I’m trying white hair wax today so let’s do this.

All right. Cool. What’s the brand that I actually bought? Look, there’s so many of these things online. There is this one guy on Facebook. He does all of his advertising on Facebook. Don’t know his name. I think he makes a living off just selling this grey hair wax. It must be a popular thing. If you guys have tried this, make sure you let me know in the comment section below as well. The brand of color hair wax that I got was Mofajang. That’s what it looks like. I’ll do a couple of closeups and B-roll of that.

It smells pretty good. I’ll give you that. It’s a very shiny-looking texture. It’s quite creamy and somewhat metallic actually. I wouldn’t know if this is a wax or not. It just says hair coloring material. It’s actually not branded as a wax or anything like that. If we have a look at the texture of it, it is fairly creamy. I don’t know why I have a really ominous feeling about this. It’s either not going to live up to my color hair wax expectations or it’s going to do what I want it to and give me some old man realness.

Anyway, I’m here to do the video. Here we go. I’m just going to get a big clump of it like this. Should I put it in the sides first? What should I do? Yeah, let’s do it in the sides first. I might roll my sleeves up a little bit. All right. Here we go, guys. Ooh, it’s so creamy. Ooh. Ooh. I’m going to look like Jack Frost. Okay. That’s not too hard to work in at this point in time. Whoa. Yeah, I do. I look like an iceman or something. I think I’ll be using a lot of this. Jesus.

That whole clump didn’t go very far at all and my hands are freaking white as hell. Maybe we’ll try the whole go from the back. See, I’m using this much now. Goodbye, hair. Things you do for YouTube. Oh, well.

It actually looks pretty freaking cool on this camera. I think it’s just a matter of working it in in the right way. Give me a minute. I’ll come back.

10 years later. It actually worked pretty cool. I’ve tried as hard as possible to evenly distribute the color hair wax through my hair. It’s actually very, very hard to apply so I’m not particularly like woo about this. It’s made my hair very stiff so I’m starting to think whether that was even the clay from before preventing me to apply this or if it’s just a hard to apply product in itself. It’s gone all over my ears. Very messy.

You know what? I actually think I could probably use this for some kind of dress up or, again, if I was going to a YouTube event where I had to really promote what I’m all about because it’s actually quite freaky if you look at it. In real life, it actually looks like my hair color has been changed to grey.

I was just trying to do a Snapchat of it and the Snapchat was actually … You couldn’t really even tell that my hair had been colored. You can see it in this video quite well actually. I guess it works but I don’t think I’m going to be rushing to the cabinet to use this every single day unless it’s a really crazy, fucked up event that I’m going to.

Maybe it could even be my hair type. My hair type is quite coarse and quite rough. Working with hair types like mine could be a little bit less easy with something like this or maybe I’ve just got the wrong product. I don’t know. I’ve seen this applied to people’s hair very easily on YouTube videos, on Facebook videos. It could be a combination of all of those things but who knows? This what we’ve got. I’ve been playing with it for about 15 minutes now and I’m not really willing to spend any longer on it.

We still do have a little bit to go of this look. I have the eye contacts to put in. The contact lenses I got are pure white. I got them from a place called colorVUE. That looks just like this. I think these were 35 or I can’t remember how much they were to be honest. They look like this. They’re just like a little, tiny thing. We’re going to get them out. I’ve got to go wash my hands properly first actually because I don’t want to be putting silver hair wax into my eyeballs now, do I? Plus, with eye contacts, if you’re not comfortable doing them, I wouldn’t take any advice or anything that I’m doing here today. I just know how my eyes works so I can use them. I’m going to wash my hands and I’ll come back and we’ll put these bad boys in, eh? See you in a minute.

All right. It is eye contact time and I just needed to have a little disclaimer here first. Usually when you get eye contacts, you’re usually meant to get them measured by an optometrist and get them put in your eye. These, however, are just from an eye contact company and it totally is up to your discretion whether you use eye contacts that aren’t built for your eye or not.

I’m looking at these and they look very small for my eyes. We’re going to give it a go anyway. Obviously, if it gets too unsafe or they’re not going in or they definitely don’t fit, then we’re going to be ripping them out. But, other than that, let’s give it a go. I’ve worn eye contacts a lot before. I love dress up. I love all these kind of stuff. Let’s have a go.

I managed to get one of these in but this is the first time I’ve ever worn a full white lens. It’s a little bit creepy. Hey. The thing is I thought I would get the camera back to with face on because they’re hard to see through. They’re very murky. But I really want to get the other one in and just see what it looks like and get some footage of that because why the hell not? I’ve got this one in okay. They seem to be a pretty good fit and I’ll be back in a minute with the other one in.

Okay. That is totally not going to work. I’ve tried putting the second one in and I dropped it on the floor and I couldn’t see and this is just too murky so I think we’re just going to leave it at one and say that this is the final look.

Today’s video was literally just a bit of fun. Let me know what you guys think of this grey hair. It’s actually starting to grow on me a little bit the more I’m having it in my hair. I actually kind of like it and this eye contact is freaking … It’s so weird. Bing. Bing. I’d probably only wear this hair wax for really special events and this eye contact, well, I guess it’s my new Halloween toy. I really like it actually. I really wish I could’ve got the other one in. But, most of all, I wish I could see through them more. If you guys have any recommendations of ones that you can actually see through, make sure you let me know in the comment section.

If you want to go and buy this wax, I’m sure you can find it around on Facebook. I’ll try and find a link to the exact same one that I found. It was about 15 bucks, I think, 15 US. You can try it out. I reckon it’ll work if you’ve got a lot thinner hair. You might want to check out a heap of other reviews on it on the internet as well. That’s pretty much all I have for you this week. I really hope you like this video.

There’s something about looking like a freak that I just love. This right now is really tooting my horn. Make sure you give me a thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and that little bell symbol will … If you click it, it lets you know every time I upload a video. If you want to see more funky videos like this, make sure you hit that and I will see you next week for another video. Until then. I’ll catch you later. I love you. Bye

Anyway, As you can see I’ve made quite a name for my self in this niche for myself on YouTube and I really take pride in giving thorough reviews. My overall mission is to show people that exploring their individuality can be extremely liberating and fun. If that sounds like something you are into then I want to invite you to join me and my community over on my YouTube channel.

Ok, seriously now let’s get into this review ahah.

What Does Color Hair Wax Look and Feel Like?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the main things that got me curious about this color hair wax was what it looked and felt like in my hand. What I instantly noted about it was:

  1. It was very creamy rather than waxy.
  2. It had a metallic/galactic look to it. I thought this was pretty cool as I had never seen anything like it.
  3. It was VERY pigmented and stained my fingers very easily. In other words I knew I was going to be making a mess…lol
Mofajang color hair wax

Will Color Hair Wax Look Real or Fake in My Hair?

Another thing that got me curious was whether or not color hair wax would give my hair a realistic look or just totally fake. In all honesty, it doesn’t give you a “real” grey hair look. I think it would be rather far fetched to think that it would actually look real, I mean seriously.

However, I thought it looked quite groovy still and I would probably use it more so for a dress up party or an extravagant YouTube event that required me to stand out. Here are some pictures of how the pigment took to my extremely dark hair.

Before and After color hair wax

The main notes I had in terms of how the color hair wax looked in the end were:

  1. Looked AMAZING in pictures.
  2. It gave my hair a really textured look.
  3. The pigment was strong enough to completely cover my dark hair evenly.
  4. I had to be careful not to touch anything with my hair to avoid color transfer and getting it everywhere.
  5. It became a little stiff after about 20 minutes. I definitely could not run my fingers through it after application.

Although there are a number of pros and cons with color hair wax, I would still recommend it as a must try at least one. It’s a real experience in itself.

How Much Can I Buy Color Hair Wax For And Are There Other Colors?

Color hair wax is very cheap. I bought my Mofajang one from Amazon for about 12 bucks. For the experience and fun time I had with it I think it’s worth it.

And yes, Mofajang sells their color hair wax in multiple different colors.
You can get:

Grey Color Hair Wax

Grey/Silver: $10.99 – Buy Now

Blue Color Hair Wax

Blue: 11.99 – Buy Now

Red Color Hair Wax

Red: $11.99 – Buy Now

Orange Color Hair Wax

Orange: $10.99 – Buy Now

Purple Color Hair Wax

Purple: $10.99 – Buy Now

Green Color Hair Wax

Green: $10.99 – Buy Now

All of these color hair waxes look freaking cool too. Here is some other video review of them on YouTube for you to watch:


Sabrina Isabelle

The Pinay Kikay Store

How Do I Apply Color Hair Wax?

Applying color hair wax is tedious and messy process. Particularly because the pigment is so extreme and you actually need to use a lot of it to cover your hair. I thought it wouldn’t take very much to cover my hair but I ended up using a hell of a lot of the product. It just wasn’t very good for spreading. With some hair products, very little goes a long way. But with color hair wax this is not the case.

To apply it all I did was:

  1. Grab a massive chunk with my rude and index fingers
  2. Spread it evenly into my palm (that’s where it gets messy)
  3. Applied it to my hair until it was evenly covered.

The End

And that brings us to the end of this grey color hair wax review! I hope I was able to answer any curious questions you had a bout this product and I’m sure you’ll gain a lot more clarity by watching the above videos.

However, If you have some specific questions you want to ask, feel free to drop me a line in the comment box just below here and I’ll be happy to answer them 🙂

Until next time keep it real and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube for some more awesome hair and style content. I post every Monday.

Also, if you want to stay up to date with blog posts like this one, chuck your name and email into the form below and I’ll notify you when I have a new post out!

Thanks a million! Have a wonderful day.

Big love,

Thomas In Action

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