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Pros and Cons For Men With Curly Hair

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Are you a guy with curly hair? Same…and like most men with curly hair, I used to absolutely hate it until I learnt more about my hair type and what works best for it through plenty of experimentation on my YouTube channel.

If you are brand new here, my name is Thomas and I create kick-ass hair and style videos on YouTube. Other than building upon my knowledge about hair for the past 3 years I’ve created an incredible community of nearly 70,000 hair loving subscribers on YouTube and my mission is to create a platform that allows others to explore their individuality.

Men With Curly Hair

I want to give you a very warm welcome and let you know that this very post is part of that platform. As a man with curly hair, I know how difficult it can be to work with sometimes and I wanted to create something that other men with curly hair will find useful and help them explore their options when it comes to their curly hair. I thought covering the pros and cons for men with curly hair would be a great place to start because:

  1. A lot of us aren’t even aware of the pros of curly hair to begin with
  2. It’s easy to spot the cons of curly hair but not many people know any solutions
  3. Have you ever wondered why the fuck curly hair is so freaking boofy? I have and I’ll be answering that question in the cons section.(it’s probably the biggest con for men with curly hair)

So allow me to cover the above with the experience I have and hopefully you learn something awesome about your curly hair today!

Also, if this type of content is something you are interested in make sure you check my channel out after reading this post as I’d love to have you as a part of my community!

Now, let’s get into the pros and cons for men with curly hair! Shall we?

Pros for Men With Curly Hair

Because I’m a pretty positive guy, I thought I’d start with the pros for us men with curly hair.

Pro Number #1 - Effortless Volume

I used to think the volume of my curly hair was a deadset curse and I can bet my bottom dollar that there are a lot of other men with curly hair out there that agree. My hair is big, at most times frizzy and pretty much just out of control. However when I started getting into YouTubing and doing my hair on camera I began looking at all different hair problems in the market and I began to realise that hair volume was actually a massive advantage.

A lot of guys with thin straight hair really struggle to create volume. In fact they have the exact opposite issue to us. Here we are whinging we have too much hair and just want simple, while they're over their whinging they don’t have enough and are in pursuit of a way to get a groovy quiff. It seems the grass is always greener on the other side right?

WRONG! After becoming aware of this comparison I actually felt instantly grateful that I had a lushes full head of hair. How about you?

The main point is that it’s best to have more hair than not because when it comes to hair, you can take more from more, but you can never take more from less. In other words it’s easier to take bulk away than it is to add it. By having volume to begin with, you have a wider range of options when it comes to hairstyles and you just need to learn how to work with it.

My best tips for men with curly hair that want to take advantage of your volume are:

1. Buy a Hair Straightener -

A hair straightener will make your volume more manageable and will also completely change your look. If any of you men with curly hair need help with straightening your locks, I’ve got you covered! I’ve made heaps of videos about it and all the best products you need to do it properly and safely. I’ll leave a playlist for you just below this paragraph ;).

2. Buy a Hair Clay -

Hair clays are one of the toughest and most sturdy hair products out there. Hair clays will help you shape your volume and will hold it in place for ages and ages and ages and ages (trust me). I’ve also done a few reviews of my favourite hair clays on my channel and I’ll leave those just below this paragraph for you.

Pro Number #2 - Extreme Versatility

Another pro that men with curly hair seem to miss is the extreme versatility that curly hair provides. Thick curly hair looks amazing in just about any form. Over the past 3 years of creating hair videos I’ve

All of these hairstyles would certainly not work with thin straight hair because the texture and volume just aren’t there!
You, however have options and it's high time you and all the other men with curly hair out there realised just how lucky you really are!

My best advice for you men with curly hair that want to explore the versatility of your hair is to visit my channel. I make tons of content about this :). Here’s a video I did a while back about 10 different hairstyles I was able to create with an undercut. It’s pretty impressive actually.

Cons For Men With Curly Hair

Now it’s time for some cons. Cons are shit and very apparent for us men with curly hair, however there’s also many solutions to those cons so for any of you that relate to these I’ll make sure I leave my best advice on dealing with them for you 🙂

Con Number #1 - Damages Easily

One thing us men with curly hair need to be mindful of is that our hair damages quite easily and proper care should be taken with it. The reason curly hair damages easily is because it has a tendency to be quite dry. Have you ever felt your hair and thought “fuck me, my hair feels like straw!”???

Yup, that my friend, is dryness. The shortest and simplest way to explain why it gets dry is this.

The microscopic bonds of a hair link together just like chains link together. The further apart the bonds are from each other on the hair shaft the tighter the hair pulls on itself which causes the hair to curl. Now, at your scalp there’s a gland called the sebaceous gland that produces an oil called sebum. Sebum is design to coat your hair and make it moist and silky naturally.

The problem is the curl in your hair makes it difficult for the sebum to travel from root to tip which then depraves your hair of the oils it needs. Because the hair is dry and malnourished it then becomes very brittle and vulnerable to damage.

People with straight hair have the opposite issue. Because their hair is dead straight, the sebum is able to travel down the hair easily and more often than not makes their hair look really oily, almost to the point where you could probs cook chips in it.

Most men with curly hair know their hair is dry but they don’t know why… and now you know. But how the fuck do you prevent and fix the issue?

Well there’s lot’s of solutions actually.

For any men with curly hair who want to add a bit of moisture to their hair I would recommend the following:

1. Buy an argan oil and a Leave in Conditioner -

Argan oil is great for nourishing your hair, just like sebum would do and leave in conditioners help moisturize your hair. Leave in conditioner mixed with argan oil is a great combo for nourishing and moisturizing the hair in. Here’s a video about all the products I use to keep my hair in good condition:

NOTE: The first ever argan oil I used and thought was great was from a brand called Hask and the first leave in conditioner I used was from Garnier fructus. Both are awesome and I would reccomend them for beginners 🙂

2. Buy a heat protector -

Heat protectors help protect your hair against hot tools like hair straighters and hair dryers. If you start experimenting with your hair it’s more than likely that you’ll end up using hot tools at some stage so getting a good heat protector is in your best interest! here’s a video about how heat protectors work and what to look for when buying one.

Deep Condition Frequently -

For men with curly hair who are serious about keeping it healthier and less prone to damage, I would strongly recommend looking into a deep conditioning treatment. Frequent deep conditioning helps build up and restore the strength of your hair cuticles by getting right under them and working from the inside out. I use a really good one by a brand called bhave. Their deep intense conditioning masque contains bioactive keratin that bonds the the keratin your hair is made from making it stronger and more durable. Here’s a video I made about my deep conditioning routine:

Con Number #2 - The Frizz

I’m sure a lot of men with curly hair will relate to this one… the frizz (pulls most sourest face possible…)

Now because there is so many different hair types, it is possible for men with straighter hair to get frizz however, for men with curly hair frizz is notorious!

I have met a few men with curly hair that don’t suffer from frizz like I do, but it’s not very common for that to happen. If you are like the majority of men with curly hair, you will suffer from frizz and I completely feel your pain. But do you even know why hair goes frizzy? If not that’s great, I’m about to go all scientist on your ass again and teach you something else.

Frizzy hair is what you would call “porous” (pronounced “Porus”). Another way to say it is high porosity like, “My hair has high porosity”.

In terms of hair porosity, it’s calculated by the amount of open space there is between your cuticles. When we use the term “high porosity” it means there’s a large amount of open space between your cuticles.

Porosity chart - Men With Curly Hair

With high porosity hair, this open space between the cuticles creates multiple effects in the hair.

  1. It allows the hair to absorb moisture very quickly and easily.
  2. It allows moisture to escape the hair very quickly and easily.
  3. It creates a rather coarse texture on the hair.

In summary, it can obtain moisture but can‘t really keep it and depending on the porosity, the hair will feel fairly coarse or wiry as some would say.

So why do some men with curly hair get more frizz than others? - Good question!

To make it as simple as possible, hair cuticles are like pores in the skin. When they are hot they open and when they are cool they close.

The hair’s natural porosity will determine how wide the cuticle opens when heated and how far it will close when it’s cool. For high porous hair, “cool mode” is still really open, which is why the hair feels coarse and looks a bit frizzy most of the time.

When hair is warmer it the cuticles flare open and that’s what causes the frizz. Have you noticed when it’s humid, everyones hair goes a little frizzier than normal? It’s because everyone's cuticles are flaring open. The issue is for men with curly hair who have high porosity is when it’s humid, their already frizzy hair goes even frizzier. (this is so me).

So how the fuck do you fix the porosity issue? - another good question!

So with what we have learnt about high porous hair so far is that it absorbs moisture but doesn’t keep it and high porosity the cuticles flare which contributes to dryness and makes your hair frizzy. Great…

The solution is to find a product that moisturizes your hair well along with something that can seal the cuticle so the hair retains the moisture.

There’s two ways I’d recommend combatting this.

  1. Use the hair moisturizing products I mentioned earlier and seal your hair with flaxseed gel.
  2. Get a keratin treatment. A keratin treatment is designed to smooth your cuticles and help them retain moisture. I had this done twice before and the difference it made to my hair was ridiculous. Here’s a video of me going to get a keratin treatment:

Seriously, the keratin treatment is typically just another bonus for us men with curly hair.

In Conclusion

If you’ve read this far, I have no doubt by now you’ve had your eyes opened to the many options you, myself and other men with curly hair have. It’s just about doing your research.

If you gotten some great value and insight about your curly hair from this post I’d love to hear about it in the comments below and I’d also love to know how you go with my recommendations if you decide to try them out.

For any of you men with curly hair that want more of this content head to my YouTube channel and hit subscribe. Also don't forget to drop your details in the form below to get updates on when I make more blog posts like this one 🙂

Have a wonderful day and I’ll you you next time!

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